Advantages of Association

GICA maintains a collaboration agreement with the following companies:

GICA associates will have special conditions in the services they offer.

Advantages for the seller

  • When you contract the services of a real estate manager belonging to GICA for the sale or rental of your property, you will be simultaneously commissioning this operation from more than 70 agencies and more 300 professionals in the province of Cadiz. This is in addition to the 700 offices throughout Spain that are integrated into the national MLS network.
  • A single interlocutor will be in charge of management and will therefore have only one person to whom to call to account.
  • Everything regarding your property, price characteristics, etc. will be a unique and verified information for agents and agencies that will have access to it.
  • GICA guarantees that its property will be found not only in the systems of the office that manages its sale, but will be published in other national portals, achieving a greater diffusion.
  • You will have a contract that assures you of a management commitment, and the agent who works for you will be subject to a code of ethics and good practices that guarantee you a service of excellence.
  • All visits to your property will be previously filtered by the agent responsible for your home so you will avoid unnecessary visits.
  • With an exclusive contract you are contracting the services of a professional who will take full care of all the actions and aspects necessary for the sale of your property.

Advantages for the buyer

  • In any of the offices belonging to our association, you will access a large offer of properties in the quickest, most convenient and easiest way.
  • All the properties in the common stock exchange maintain the same prices and conditions, regardless of the company with which they work, which implies a greater transparency of the real estate market that always favours the consumer.
  • The opportunities to find the product that meets your needs are multiplied considerably with a visit to a single office.
  • Control and security. There is a sales mandate for each property in the exchange. All administrative and legal information is therefore available for each of them.
  • Bank management. Any of the agencies associated with GICA is able to find the financing that best suits your needs.
  • Legal and fiscal advice. At any time, you can make a consultation related to the purchase or rental of your property completely free of charge and directly to our team of lawyers.