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Real Estate Managers Association of the Province of Cádiz GICA – MLS Cádiz

Real Estate Managers Association of the Province of Cádiz GICA – MLS Cádiz

The Association of Real Estate Managers of the province of Cádiz, GICA = MLS Cádiz is a group of real estate agencies that cooperate with each other with a common exchange of properties in exclusive shared. For the first time in the province of Cadiz, more than 80 companies from the real estate sector join together with a common goal: to offer their clients the best service.

Its operation is based on the system called MLS (Multiple Listing Service). It is an orderly and cooperative method of working, in which information is shared about properties that have been captured in exclusive sharing.

This procedure is carried out under a strict code of ethics and with working procedures based on guarantees, transparency and efficiency.

More than 70 offices are associated to GICA, or what is the same, more than 300 experts to offer the best service to their clients with full guarantee.

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Currently, more than 80 real estate agents from the province of Cadiz are associated with GICA and collaborate.

Agencies located in the localities of Cadiz, Chiclana, San Fernando, Puerto Real, La Línea, Los Barrios, Algeciras, Conil, Chipiona, El Puerto de Santa María, Rota, Sanlúcar, Jerez, Vejer, Ubrique and Zahara de la Sierra, who come together to offer their clients a service of trust and professionalism.

The client receives at all times a personalized attention from its property manager, who commits to share this property with more than 300 professionals from the province of Cadiz and with more than 700 agencies throughout Spain, which exponentially multiplies the possibility of success.

The buyer can access, from the same office, a common stock exchange of all the associated agencies in a quick, convenient and easy way.

In short, GICA represents the guarantee of the best possible service when selling, buying or renting your property in the province of Cadiz.

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